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How to Style your Ceremony Space

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Guest blog written by Natasha Spencer Events


The ceremony is the central part to your wedding day.

It’s the moment you get to shout from the rooftops about how you feel, what you love about each other and not care who is listening! It’s also the key moment you can show all your friends and family your personality and tell them ‘this is us’.

How you choose to style your ceremony space should reflect you as a couple, here are a few tips to consider when planning your ceremony.

  • Frame yourselves

It’s important to make yourselves the centre of attention, even if you don’t enjoy being the centre of attention, a wedding is all about you and it’s your chance to shout your love so the world can hear. The best way to style your ceremony space is to frame yourselves. This can be with an asymmetric frame of beautiful flowers, a large collection of beautiful Persian rugs and potted trees or a backdrop. Styling your ceremony space with a backdrop can be simple but it can make a huge impact. A macramé drape or a beautiful quote hung on soft fabric or in neon lights. Whatever you choose, make it sentimental. A personal favourite is a circular shape, much like the wedding rings you might choose to wear, it’s a symbol of eternity and I find that such a beautiful sentiment.

  • Where will your celebrant be

When styling your ceremony, it’s important to take the celebrant in to consideration as they will be conducting the ceremony. They will need somewhere to rest your certificate and their notes so this needs to be taken in to consideration. Have the discussion with your celebrant as to what they might need and how much space they may need. Make sure the area your celebrant needs fits in with your styling, you want it to blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb. Consider draping, flowers or hiring something specific.

  • Consider your readings

If you choose to have a reading at your ceremony, make sure you and all your guests can hear what is being said. You will have carefully chosen the readings to represent you so it is important they’re expressed well. When styling your ceremony consider finding a spot for your reader that has its own frame. This might be off to the side slightly, with a floral arrangement to compliment those that surround your main ‘framing’ or you may choose to add some seating for you both whilst your reader takes centre stage.

  • How you come up and down the aisle

Making your grand entrance and exit is key. The music you choose to play should represent you and your feelings, are you a fun couple who like to have a laugh? Choose something upbeat and a little tongue in cheek or perhaps you have the ultimate love song that sums up your relationship to perfection. Style the aisle with graduating sequence, making a bigger impact the closer you come to the top of the aisle. More candles, larger Persian rugs or slightly bigger floral arrangements that reach a crescendo, drawing your guests eye to a focal point.

Above all make sure you style your ceremony space with flare and finesse, this is the moment you share your declarations of love to one another in front of your nearest and dearest and a chance to showcase your personality as a couple.

For more information or help with styling your ceremony please visit

For information about the officiation of your ceremony, such as the difference between the role of a Registrar and that of a Celebrant, please contact Natalie at

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