A wedding is such a special occasion

and the ceremony is at the heart of it.

The success of a ceremony is a result of good preparation. More often than not it will include an exchange of vows and rings in front of a gathering of friends and family. There are several different ways of doing this and, as with the rest of the event, the choice is yours with as much guidance by us as you wish. 

Stories, readings, poems, music and symbolic ceremonies can all be included or it can be kept short, sweet and simple. We will work with you to write and design a ceremony that perfectly suits you as a couple. 

Please note: For your marriage to be recognised by law you must also complete the legal formalities at a registry office before or after the ceremony. This does not have to be done on the same day as your ceremony. I am more than happy to guide you through the registration process if you would like me to.


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We are Kent based celebrants working across London and the South East.

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