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Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your lives and your ceremony should be at the heart of it.

First of all, huge congratulations on your engagement! Whatever stage of the planning you're at you no doubt have lots to think about. We know it can all feel a bit overwhelming! But as far as your ceremony is concerned, fear not, from the very first time we speak to you we will put you at ease and we will support you throughout your whole planning journey. You can think of us as Celebrants come agony aunts! Writing you a beautiful, unique ceremony is where our expertise lie but really there's no question you can't come to us with and if we can't answer it, someone in our network of amazing, experienced wedding suppliers will!

You're probably looking for a Celebrant because you love the idea of a ceremony that is personal and tells your own story, a ceremony that you and your guests haven't already heard several times before. And that's what we specialise in! We write every ceremony from scratch. No standard passages about what love is or what marriage means, only words that really mean something to you as a couple. 


We believe it's crucial that your ceremony sets off the right tone for your special day. You probably already have in mind what you want the day to feel like - relaxed, fun, romantic, family oriented, intimate - it's your day and you get to create the vibe you want. So by getting to know you and asking you all the right questions we ensure that we write your ceremony to reflect your own personalities and set off the right vibe for you.

We would definitely consider ourselves modern Celebrants but that doesn't mean we can't include traditional aspects in your ceremony. Many of our ceremonies do include vows, promises and a ring exchange but the wording that accompanies these is written entirely for you. You can also include other symbolic rituals if you choose to such as a handfasting, sand pouring or releasing lanterns. And you are also welcome to include religion or more than one religion in your ceremony if you wish to. We don't tell you what you can't have, only what you can. 

Now we absolutely love an outdoor wedding and many of our couples come to us for a Ceremony that is natural and elegant. Garden, woodland, waterside and beach are settings you'll often find us in, until the winter of course when we quite like to be somewhere a little cosier! But one of the fantastic things about choosing a Celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony is that you can have it absolutely anywhere! We don't need a licensed venue or a licensed gazebo. So if you have a special place in mind - a restaurant you love, a special view point, your own garden even - don't pass it by because it's not licensed. But on the flip slide don't be put off having a Celebrant-led wedding just because your chosen venue does have a license. We have many fantastic relationships with licensed venues and the staff often say how blown away they are when they witness a unique ceremony delivered by a Celebrant. Choosing us is about choosing to have a ceremony you'll never forget.

We often get asked about the legal aspect of the wedding and it's actually more straightforward than you may think. As Celebrants we're the ceremony experts, we get to do all the fun parts, and that's because we don't deal with the legal part. When the legal part takes place at the same time as the ceremony it brings with it lots of rules and regulations which you just don't need on your wedding day. You simply book an appointment at your local registry office to complete the legal formalities with two witnesses and this doesn't have to be on the same day as your wedding. Quite often couples go the day before but that's entirely up to you. We are very happy to help you organise that part as well as your ceremony. 

No doubt you have questions so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please drop us an email or a text message to arrange a call, we'd love to hear from you. 

Message Natalie on 07557 099383 or Julie on 07900 992661.  

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